Thick As Thieves

We are Thick As Thieves, a Twin Cities based band that plays the BEST rock music from the 80's and 90's with a splash of current music. We play a rotating and carefully selected list of songs you will know and love. Our band is a group of long-time, seasoned musicians who LOVE to play live music and we do it right! We make it our mission to blow your mind, make you want to dance and promise to rock your world!!!!
GENRES: 80's & 90's Rock, Pop, Country , Classic Rock, Current Rock

VENUES: Festivals, Bars, Clubs, Private Parties, Weddings, Street Dances, Festivals

The Beginning

Rumor has it that the band was originally formed by a group of unemployed Las Vegas street performers at the end of a magical rainbow on Friday the 13th just outside of the Addams Family's house. While that's highly unlikely, we do know one really knows for sure how the band began but legend has it, that late one night, back in 2014, Mike "Moose" and his wife (the lead singer), Ann, were watching Bill  and Ted's Excellent Adventure and had way too much beer and wine.  It was then that they decided to form a variety pop, rock, and country band.  The band CrazyEyes is born. 

CrazyEyes Years 

For 4 years, CrazyEyes plays all over the Twin Cities. At the end of 2018, looking for something bigger, better, and badder, CrazyEyes permanently closes it doors and everyone takes a break. Bass player Mike has a midlife crisis, dyes his hair black, buys a Harley and heads to Cabo, Mexico to find love.  Ann joins a cult, and Moose works breifly as a male escort to pay the bills.   

What? A New Band?

Deciding that CrazyEyes was somewhere between a decent band and a spiraling out of control trainwreak, Moose, Ann, and Mike decide it's time to meet up in the studio, now known as "Thick As Thieves Headquarters", and put together a new project that would make CrazyEyes look like a Kindergarten Recorder Concert. Towards the end of 2018, Band member and Guitarist, Dan, is kidnapped (see the video here!!!!)  and then added to the line up as a founding member of the new band. Thick As Thieves is born! 

And then there were FIVE

Because bigger is better, louder, and rocks harder! That's why we added Andy on guitar and vocals. Plus, we needed more hair.

The Future is THICK

We can't see the future, even though our lead singer does have a crystal ball, but, we do know this...Thick As Thieves is coming soon to a venue near you and we will rock your world!

Fun Facts


# of Thieves


Collective Years of Experience


Bottles of Beer on the Wall


Videos We Have on YouTube

Meet the band

Recommended by 9 out of 10 people that recommend things. The party is at Dan's after every show. Tell your friends!

Guitar & Vocals

I am unable to quit, as I am currently too legit. Voted "Best Hair in the Band" 25 years in a row!

Guitar & Vocals

Basically the band troublemaker. Rumor has it she rides a broom to band practice. Try not to upset her with requests for Free Bird or she might drop a house on you. 

Lead Singer

It's like your mama always said, don't feed wild animals (or drummers)! Psst....our drummer is the same wild and frenzied monster who also is the drummer of Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem. 

The Drummer

All the glory of being in a band, but none of the pressure. No one notices the bass player. Literally. No one. But hey, it’s about the groove, brothers and sisters. Google it.

Bass Player


We have the lastest and greatest band video available below. Want more??? Visit our YouTube Channel for more video clips!!!

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Promo & Plot


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Stage Plot (.jpg)

For the Sound Guy or the curious! If you are looking for the drum kit,  here you go!

Artists covered

38 Special - Alanis Morissette - Bad Company  - Better than Ezra - Blink 182 - Blondie - Britney Spears - Bryan Adams - Carrie Underwood - The Cars - Chumbawamba - Def Leppard - Divinyls - Duran Duran - Escape Club - Eve 6 - Finger Eleven - Fuel - Green Day - Joan Jett - Lady Antebellum - Lit - Loverboy - Lynyrd Skynyrd - Meredith Brooks - Miranda Lambert -  Nirvana - No Doubt - Offspring - Pat Benatar - Poison - Presidents of the United States of America - Prince - Puddle of Mudd - Queen - The Romantics - Seven Mary Three - Spin Doctors - Stone Temple Pilots - Sublime -  The Cranberries - The Toadies - Theory of a Deadman - Tool - Van Halen ....AND MORE!!!!


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Past Shows

08/15/2020 - Shamrocks - St. Paul (cancelled due to Covid-19)
07/25/2020 - Mainstreet Bar - Hopkins (cancelled due to Covid-19)
06/13/2020 - Shamrocks - St. Paul (cancelled due to Covid-19)
06/06/2020 - Serums - Anoka (cancelled due to Covid-19)
05/15/2020 - Coliseum - Hastings (cancelled due to Covid-19)
04/11/2020 - Serums - Anoka (cancelled due to Covid-19)
03/13/2020 - Coliseum - Hastings
02/08/2020 - Serums - Anoka
01/24/2020 - Coliseum - Hastings

12/31/2019 - Serums - Anoka
12/14/2019 - Glueks - Minneapolis
11/27/2019 - Coliseum - Hastings
11/02/2019 - Smokin' Flame - Robbinsdale
10/25/2019 -  Shamrock's Irish Nook - St, Paul
10/19/2019 - The Coliseum Sports Bar & Grill - Hastings
09/13/2019 - The Coliseum Sports Bar & Grill - Hastings
09/07/2019 - JR's Outpost- Ramsey
09/06/2019 - Route 47 - Fridley
08/31/2019 - The Narrows Saloon - Wayzata
08/10/2019 - Shamrocks - St. Paul
07/20/2019 - The Doghouse - Maplewood
06/29/2019 - GasLite - Ellsworth
06/22/2019 - Maxx Bar & Grill - Ham Lake
06/21/2019 - Neisen's Sports Bar and Grill - Savage
05/25/2019 - Glueks - Minneapolis
05/24/2019 - The Underground - Minneapolis
05/03/2019 - The Coliseum Sports Bar & Grill - Hastings
04/06/2019 - Castle Rock - Northfield

09/15/2018 - Prior Lake VFW - Prior Lake
08/11/2018 - Castle Rock Bar & Grill - Northfield
07/22/2018 - Castle Rock Bar & Grill - Northfield
03/17/2018 - Castle Rock Bar & Grill - Northfield
03/09/2018 - The Coliseum Sports Bar & Grill - Hastings
02/17/2018 - Lookout Bar & Grill - Maple Grove
02/03/2018 - Castle Rock Bar & Grill - Northfield

11/11/2017 - Shamrocks - St. Paul
10/21/2017 - Whiskey Business - New Prague
10/07/2017 - Rascals Bar & Grill - Apple Valley
09/29/2017 - Neisen's Sports Bar and Grill - Savage
09/01/2017 - Smitty's Bar & Grill - Chisago City
08/26/2017 - Private Event​ - Hastings
07/01/2017 - Neisen's Sports Bar and Grill - Savage
06/10/2017 - Castle Rock Bar and Grill - Northfield
06/03/2017 - Smitty's Bar & Grill - Chisago City​
05/06/2017 - Castle Rock Bar and Grill - Northfield
04/08/2017 - Castle Rock Bar and Grill - Northfield​​
04/01/2017 - Inn Kahoots - Hamel

11/05/2016 - Red Carpet Inn - St. Cloud
10/22/2016 - Serums - Anoka
10/15/2016 - Castle Rock Bar and Grill - Northfield
08/20/2016 - Opinion Brewing - Newport
08/05/2016 - Jersey's - Inver Grove Heights
07/29/2016 - Tav on the Ave - St. Paul
02/23/2016 - Babe's Music Bar - Lakeville

10/31/2015 - Saga Bar and Grill - Eagan

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